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Fic: All I Want is Your Screams. William, Angelus. PG-13.

Title: All I Want is Your Screams
Fandom: Buffyverse
Characters: Angelus, William
Pairings: mentions of William/Drusilla
Word Count: 875
Rating: a high PG-13
Summary: Angelus teaches William about torturing people. William finds it less fun than hunting.
Author's Notes: Happy birthday Rumi! I thought, what better way to celebrate than to give you some torture fic horrors! Because you inspire me to stab people with pokers. <3 Thanks to Jenny for betaing. I'm not sure if Angelus' Irish accent comes through in his dialogue, but to be fair, it doesn't when David Boreanz is speaking either.

The sight of blood against flesh made him think of Drusilla, the way she'd been on that first night right after they'd gone hunting together, blood staining her lips and teeth and chin until William had licked it off. She was beautiful, his dark goddess. How had he ever loved anyone else? Drusilla was clearly—

"Focus, boy," Angelus snapped, nudging him roughly with the poker. "We'll feed soon enough."

William hadn't even been thinking about food, but it was close enough. "I don't see why we can't just eat him," he said, crossing his arms and stepping to the other side of the man Angelus had chained to the ceiling. "Not saying the screams of pain are bad or anything, but what's the point? He'll be just as dead if we eat him now."

"It's not just about the food, Willie," Angelus said.


Angelus ignored him. "Killing's an art. Pain even more so." He shoved the poker into the man's side, eliciting another scream.

William looked on curiously. "Mother always taught me it was rude to play with your food," he said absently.

"And now she's dead," Angelus said, cheerfully twisting the poker.

The man sobbed. "Please… I can't…"

"That won't kill him?" William asked.

Angelus smirked, teeth glinting in the firelight. "Oh, it would eventually, but we're not going to let him linger that long." He took the man's face in his hand and stared him straight in the eye. "No point in hunting less you're planning on ripping your prey's throat out with your teeth."

The man whimpered in fear. "No… please… my daughter, she's got no one else since my wife died… please… spare me, whatever you want, money, land, anything..."

Angelus laughed and patted his cheek, then lapped up the blood on the man's neck from that initial bite. Then he leaned in towards the man's ear and whispered, "All I want is your screams." Then he reached down and snapped one of the man's fingers. The man obliged him with a loud scream.

William frowned. They were probably dooming his daughter to death or a horrible life on the streets. He didn't need to think hard at all to remember what his mother would have said about that.

…not that she'd have approved of any of this business. Torture and violence weren't proper at all for a gentleman.

That wasn't who William was anymore. And his mother hadn't really cared about him. She'd told him herself, right before she'd attempted to sleep with him. He growled a little, low in his throat.

Under Angelus' ministrations the man had now stopped begging to be spared and started begging for death, to end it all.

Angelus laughed. "Didn't take this one long to break, did it, boy?"

William glanced up at him. He'd gotten lost in his thoughts. Really, he found the torture boring. There was no point in it. He had nothing against the man, and though he'd happily eat him, he didn't care enough to cause him more pain than that. If it had been Thomas Wexler or one of the others who had mocked him in life, that would have been different. This man was a stranger, though." Uh, no, not long. Can we kill him yet?"

Angelus shook his head. "Patience, William. Here," he took a knife off the table and handed it to the younger vampire. "Your turn."

The man was practically weeping by now. William took the knife and walked up to him. Drusilla had gone on and on about how perfect Angelus was at torturing people, but William couldn't see the challenge in it. Running, hunting, getting into a fight, these were all pleasures he'd learned to love since he'd become a vampire, but this was pointless. Where was the challenge? Anyone could cut bits off.

"Please…" the man begged again.

William took the knife and stabbed it deep into his chest. The man sputtered for a moment, coughing up blood, then his heart slowed and the life went out of him.

Angelus smacked the back of William's head, hard. "Didn't you hear a word I said? I wasn't done."

William turned, giving him an annoyed look. "It was boring, Angelus. There's no thrill. Can't you just do the torturing and I'll go have fun?"

Angelus shook his head, human features shifting to vampire ones. "Keep pushing me, lad. See where it gets you." He bit into the man's neck. William shifted as well and followed suit on the other side of the man's neck.. This was more like it.

Angelus looked up, blood dripping from his face. "When we're done with him, we can continue the lesson on that daughter of his."

William rolled his eyes and kept eating. They could do that. Or he could ditch Angelus and go find Drusilla. That plan ended in him having sex, and sex with Drusilla was the best things he'd ever experienced. He'd vowed off poetry since dying, but he could write ballads describing how he felt staring into her eyes, and how complete she made him feel. She was his destiny. He could feel it.

Who needed lessons in what came naturally? William could figure it out later without Angelus breathing down his neck.
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