What's in a name? (museofspeed) wrote,
What's in a name?

Shameless Soliciting

only I am filled with shaaaame.

So I kinda want to rename my Spike account (breakmychest), mainly because I came up with an awesome idea which I've registered so no one else can have it (breakmychest). Problem being, I find the idea of spending fifteen bucks to change my account name unacceptable, especially when I'm marooned in a foreign land forced to survive on only what food I can purchase and cook. (This land is Israel, for those just tuning in, and I'll be here for five months.)

ANYWAY. I may not be willing to spend money, but apparently I'm willing to whore my writing talents out to livejournal and write shitty livejournal fanfic for LJ tokens, but I'll get more if I win, and also my entry is the best, dammit, and the other person who's beating me was way behind me up until she solicited all her friends and that annoys me.

So vote? My entry is the breakmychest one.

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