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Worst Christmas Ever. Spike and Dawn. G.

Title: Worst Christmas Ever
Fandom: Buffy Season 6
Characters: Spike and Dawn
Rating: So G it hurts.
For: Brandi!
Summary: Buffy's got to go out on a hunt on Christmas Eve, and leaves Dawn with Spike to be babysitter.

“This is so unfair,” Dawn whined. “Buffy was supposed to spend Christmas with me. Not some smelly old demon.”

“A smelly old demon who’s trying to destroy the world,” Spike reminded her. “Sort of a necessary evil.”

“Well, it stinks.” She pulled herself up on top of the sarcophagus and scowled up at the crypt’s ceiling. “This is the worst Christmas ever.”

“Hey, you’re hardly the Christmas present I’d wanted either, but you don’t hear me bitching and moaning about it.” He walked over to her and pulled her up. “Come on. I’m not that bad company, am I?”

“Huh? No! No, you’re totally not. I mean, I like hanging out with you.” Dawn gave a pleased little grin. “It’s just… I thought Buffy would finally want to spend time with me. Between her job and her Slaying, she’s never home. I really thought she’d make an exception for Christmas.” She slumped down, looking defeated. “But I guess she’d have to care about me at all for that.”

“Hey, look at me, Bit.” Spike knelt down in front of her. “Your sis cares. It’s just been a hard year for her is all. Coming back from the dead and everything. She’s been… busy. You know, trying to adjust.”

Dawn turned away. “It still sucks.”

Spike couldn’t argue. He’d been hoping that Buffy was slipping away from the rest for an entirely different reason when she’d come knocking on the door. But he really didn’t mind hanging out with Dawn, and ever since Buffy had come back, he’d spent far less time with her.

He stood up, suddenly, grinning. Dawn glanced up at him, looking puzzled. “What are you so happy about all of a sudden?”

“I remembered I have something for you. A present.” Technically, he’d planned to give it to her for her last birthday, but she didn’t need to know that. It was still a nice gift that he’d picked out especially for her. “Wait right here. Try not to touch anything that’ll kill you.” He jumped down the hole that led to the lower level, leaving Dawn to roll her eyes.

“Not touch anything that’ll kill me, what, does he think I’m two? I can take care of myself.”

Spike was back before she could prove herself wrong, fortunately, and he held out a small package wrapped in white paper.

Dawn eyed the package apprehensive. Anything Spike looked that happy about couldn’t be good. “Is this stolen? Buffy doesn’t like stolen things.”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “I’m not giving it to Buffy. Would it bother you if it were?”

Dawn shook her head, still eyeing it. What could it be? It was pretty small. Jewelry, maybe? If it was stolen, maybe it was worth a lot. She bet Janice would just explode from jealousy. But it might also be something the police were looking for, that she’d get in trouble for wearing.

No. Spike wouldn’t get her something that dangerous. Slowly, she took it from his hand. Only one way to find out. She peeled off the wrapping paper and looked at the little leather pouch. She opened it to find a bunch of small metal rods in different shapes and sizes.

“You got me lock picks?” She asked, looking up at him in stunned disbelief. “Like, real ones?”

“Don’t tell Buffy,” he cautioned. “I’m guessing she wouldn’t love to see you plaing with them. But I’ll show you how to use them, if you want. Uh, do you like them?”

Dawn grinned and threw her arms around him. Spike stood there, startled, then slowly hugged her back. “Yes. Thanks, Spike. They’re the best present ever. Can you show me how to use them right now?”

Spike chuckled. “Yeah, all right. Think I’ve got some cuffs downstairs we can practice on.”

Dawn followed him down the ladder, holding onto her Christmas present tightly. So maybe her sister didn’t want to spend time with her. At least there was one person who did. Even if he didn’t quite count as a person.

He was still pretty cool.
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