August 10th, 2012

Finest ass in the DCU


HI PEOPLE DID YOU MISS ME? Probably not because I still check my f-list and everyone's gone to Dreamwidth now. (I'm no different, I'm effulgent there, and also effulgent on plurk... but not the point.) I've gotten a few friend requests and private messages lately and I thought I'd make my stance on the fics I've locked clear for other people browsing and wanting to read.

So here: stock response all typed out and ready to go.

Hi! I appreciate the interest, but I'm afraid the fics I've locked are all locked for a reason. I'm sorry to do this because I remember back when I was first getting into fandom being really frustrated when I came across locked fic. I've gotten this request enough though that I thought I'd explain myself.

I haven't written much fanfiction lately, and none in the DC fandom. All the fanfiction you'll find here is at least several years old, and when I look back at it, I wince. I fell into a lot of tropes that now I can't stand, and I wrote a lot of stories that in hindsight are just... not good. Or at least not the kind of story I'd like to present as my own writing now. I know the pain of trying to find good Tim/Bart fanfic. I've been there. Here, try Archive of Our Own if you haven't already. I'm afraid I'm not going to be unlocking my fic, though, or friending people back since I barely use this journal, and I promise, you're not missing that much.

Thanks everyone who's interested in my fic! A lot are still open, so I hope you enjoy those! But please stop asking about the locked ones, I locked them for a reason, and they will stay that way.