What's in a name? (museofspeed) wrote,
What's in a name?

Dirty Limericks!

Two Limericks, the first one's Harley/Ivy, about PG-13.

There once was an ivy-clad villain
Poison Ivy, who enjoyed chillin'
With Harley, who stumbled,
and promptly was tumbled
In the greenhouse, and boy was she willin'!

This one's Barbara/Dinah, also PG-13 to R-ish.

There once was a Birdie of Prey
Who screeched at the baddies all day.
Then she'd go home,
And in bed she would moan
When Oracle with her had her way.
Tags: babs/dinah, barbara gordon, dinah lance, harley quinn, harley/ivy, limericks, poison ivy
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