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Fic: Heart. PG-13. Cass/Steph.

Title: Heart
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Cass/Steph, Babs/Dinah
Word Count: 500
Summary: Cass visits Steph on Valentine's Day.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by julius12. I hate first person fics, which is clearly why this ended up being in first person. Written for merfilly's Valentine's Day Challenge.

Oracle sits at her computer. She types types types types types.

"Babs?" I say.

She turns, looks at me. Listening. Aware. Busybusybusy, says her body.

"Yes, Cass?" she says.

"Pink...hearts?" I say. Slow. Words not easy still.

Puzzled. Concerned. Curious. "What?"

I point. Pink heart on her computer. Words on it. Can't read them.

"Oh!" she says. Happy. Love. "It's from Dinah. Canary."

Canary is nice. Pretty. Loud. "Why?" I say.

Barbara laughs. Nervous. Happy. Happynervous. Love. Worry. "It's for Valentine's Day," she says. "You give cards or chocolate to the people you care about. Friends." More than friends.

"Spoiler?" I say carefully.

"Hmm?" Barbara says. Busy. Work. Important.

"I give to Spoiler?" I repeat. Spoiler special. Love Spoiler. Give pink heart with chocolate to Spoiler.

"Sure," Barbara says. Distracted. Workworkworkworkwork. She's looking at her computer again.

"Goodbye," I say.

"See you, Cass."

Spoiler's house. Messy room. Sheets not purple. Eggplant. Steph not there. Pink heart with chocolate for her. Dinah helped with words. Half circle circle-with-little-line squiggle squiggle. Cass. Me. Little heart. Squiggle cross swirl line-with-circle line-with-half-circle. Steph. Cass heart Steph. Love.

Put the box on the bed. Steph back later. Find it.

Window. Leave. Patrol.

Door opens. Steph? Stephmom? Hide!

"Hello?" Steph! I step out of the shadows.

"Oh!" Steph says. "Hey, Cass! What's up?" Voice cheery. Voice lies. Anger. Mad. Love. Break. Tense. Sad.

I frown a little and step forward. "Sad?" I ask.

"Why would I be sad?" Steph says.

Muscles tense, trace tenseness with hands.

Love. Sexy. Aroused. Kissmeplease.

I look at her. "Why sad?" I repeat.

Steph sits on the bed. Resigned. Sad. Tense. Anger. "It's Tim," she says. "Robin. He forgot Valentine's Day."

"Hearts?" I ask.

Steph smiles. Love. "Yeah, exactly. He didn't give me any hearts. Work's too important to him." Bitter. Anger. Stress.

I move the chocolates. "Tense," I say, and motion for her to lie on her stomach. She gets it. Always gets it.

Curious. Sexy. Love. Strange. "What are you doing?" she asks.

I don't answer, just massage. Work out tenseness. Push shoulders. Pressure points. Relax, say my hands.

Relax, her back agrees.

"Cass –" Steph says.

"Okay," I say, and RELAX! I shout with my hands.

"Ow!" Steph says, rubbing her neck. "Trying to kill me or something?" Happy, better. Love, grateful.

"Better," I say. I rub gently now.

Love. Sexy. Aroused. Kissmeplease.

"Thanks," Steph says.

I kiss her neck.

Tensewhatshappening. Aroused. MORE MORE MORE! "Uh, Cass?"

"Love," I say. "Hearts. Love."

Steph sits up. Happy. Happyhappy. Love. LOVE. Happy. "Really?" she says. "I mean, friends don't just randomly kiss."

"Dinah, Babs," I say.

"Wait, what?" Steph says.

"Dinah, Babs. Want to kiss. Read body language."

"Oh, god, did you read my body language? Did my body tell you I wanted you to kiss it?" Worry. Love.

I nod. "Love," I say. "Love you."

"You love me?" she says.

Nod again.

Smile. "I love you too, Cass!" Steph says. Happy! Lovelovelove! Happyhappyhappy! Content. Aroused. LOVE. This time, Steph kisses me.

Tags: babs/dinah, barbara gordon, cass cain, cass/steph, holiday special, steph brown

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