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Title: Surprise!
Prompt: Open the Box
Fandom: Young Justice
Pairing: Bart/Tim
Rating: G
Original post

"What's this, Bart?" Tim asked dryly.

"A birthday present! Open it!" Bart urged, pushing the box at him.

"How did you know it was my birthday?"

"I ran to Gotham and asked Spoiler! Please?"

Tim looked at the box suspiciously. It wasn't that he didn't trust Bart. He did. He'd trust Bart with his life. But Bart did have an interesting idea of what made a good present.

"Will I regret opening this?" he asked.

"No! Please, Robin? I really thought hard about what to give you!"

"You promise this isn't a trick?"

"No trick!" Bart insisted. "It's something good."

Tim opened it tentatively, still half expecting something to come jumping out of it.

Inside the box was a plate of cookies. They smelled delicious.

"Cookies," he said. "You made me cookies."

Bart beamed. "Do you like them? Happy birthday! I had to go through maybe a dozen bags of flour to get them right but I think they're good now!"

"Thanks, Bart," Tim said, grinning. "They're perfect."

Bart smiled and hugged Tim tightly. "Happy birthday," he said again. "Oh, and, uh, you might wanna point Kon's present away from your face when you open it."

Title: Murder
Prompt: Write about someone who sinned.
Fandom: Justice Riders
Pairing: Diana, Wally
Rating: PG
Original Post.

Wally was drinking.

"Mind if I join you, Kid?" Diana said, swinging onto a bar stool next to him.

Wally shrugged.

"What's wrong?" she asked, signaling the barkeep for a drink.

"It's been a year, now."

"Oh," Diana nodded. "Look, I know you did what's right."

Wally smiled sadly at her. "Wish I was so sure. Barry - he was like an uncle to me. And yeah, he was in pain, and yeah, killin' him was the kindest thing I could do, but now he's gone, and I'm a wanted man. The 'Kid Flash.' Fastest gun in the West, for what good it's done me." He took another gulp of beer.

"Hey, we've all had our tragedies," Diana said. "My town was destroyed, and I was too late to save it. I failed. You were responsible for the death of one sick man. I killed thousands."

"You didn't kill none of 'em!" Wally said. "You were Sheriff Prince! The Woman Wonder! No one in their right minds would accuse you of not doin' everything you could to save 'em."

"And no one who knows you would think you'd ever do anything other than what's right," Diana said. "You'd do well to remember that, Wally."

Title: Zounds!
Prompt: Write about a balcony
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Cable/Deadpool
Rating: PG-13
Original Post.

"What light from yonder window breaks? Why, tis the East! And Cable just broke a window!"

"What do you want, Wade?" Cable asked, walking out onto the balcony outside his apartment.

"Nay, forsooth! Our families hate each other, but I doth believe that we couldst be married anyways! At least, if we were to moveth to Massachusetts! Was Massachusetts around when Romeo and Juliet came out? Always thought Mercutio wanted Benvolio's ass."

"So do you actually need something or did you just come to bother me?" Cable said tiredly.

"My beloved Nate! Is it not enough that I hath searched for thee for many an age! I have kept thee in my thoughts as I looked high and low and under bridges and in the lady's room and at that place where you get your name changed, but that was mostly just wistful thinking Nathan Gesundheit, my love."

"Why didn't you go 'Bodyslide by two'?"

The two of them appeared inside Nate's apartment.

"...that would have been too easy, zounds," Wade said.

"Right. And why are you destroying great works of literature?"

"Destroying? Or improving?"

"...destroying. Definitely destroying."

"Anywho, Romeo and Juliet is the Greatest Love Story Ever Told, and did you hear? I totally said that with capitals!"

"Um, okay."

"And since I loveth thee with all mine heart and slippery brain cells, I thoughteth that I should tell thee by misquoting it at thee!"

"Right," Nate said. "And what do you want from me?"

"You're supposed to say, 'Deadpool, Deadpool, wherefore art thou Deadpool'?"

Nate rolled his eyes. "No really, what do you want?"

Wade grinned under his mask. "How do you unlock the porn channels?"

Title: The Ultimate Long Distance Relationship
Prompt: I carried it in my pocket
Fandom: Marvel/DCU
Pairing: Jubilee/Robin
Rating: PG
Original Post.

She'd been carrying it in her pocket for weeks.

The talisman had one wish on it, only one. And Jubilee knew what she wanted to wish for.

Of course there was the whole 'be careful what you wish for' thing. It wasn't a wish that could be undone. If she did this, it'd be forever.

But she'd be with Robin forever.

"Hey, Rick!" she said. "You know your pal Snapper? That dude from the other universe? Any chance you could call him up and get him to put Robin on the phone?"

"Um, I guess," Rick said, "But I'm not so sure that's a good idea. I mean, cross-universe romances don't usually work out."

"Look, just get him on the phone."

"Hello?" Robin said after Rick had spent a long time chatting with his friend.

"Robin? It's Jubilee! Remember me?"

"How could I forget?" Robin said. "What's up?"

Jubilee glanced at Rick and walked to a more secluded corner of the room.

"I need to know something," she said. "It's important. Are you seeing anyone?"

"Jubilee, it can't work between us. Different universes - "

"What if we weren't? What if I lived in your universe?"

"You don't."

"I...I might be able to."

"You could?"

Jubilee reached into her pocket and touched the talisman. "I found this magical...thing. I've got one wish. And...I really want to use it. But I need to know I'm not just wasting my time. Because I probably could never get back."

"I - I can't ask you to leave all your friends for me," Robin said.

"I want to. Do you think we could make it work?"

"I feel like the world's most selfish guy ever, but yes. It would make me happy beyond belief if you were to come here."

Jubilee couldn't stop from grinning. "That's all I needed to hear. Gimme a few days to say goodbye and to pack and I'll be there!"

"I can't wait," Robin said.

Title: Flaming Pencils
Prompt: Returning Takes Too Long
Fandom: Impulse
Pairing: Bart/Carol
Rating: G
Original Post.

"Carol, can I borrow a pencil?" Bart asked.

"You had one last class!" Carol said.

"I forgot it, and it'd take seconds to go back and get. Please?"

Carol rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said, handing him one. "Please don't set this one on fire, okay?"

"I only did that once!" Bart said. "And it was totally an accident, too."

"I know, I know," Carol smiled. "Did you do your homework for this class ahead of time? Because there's about a minute until she comes to collect it."

"Ah, nuts!" Bart started scribbling away, and the pencil, predicably, started smoking.

Carol rolled her eyes.

"Done!" Bart said. "Ah! It's on fire!" He spun his finger in a superspeed circle, causing a powerful and concentrated cyclone to blow the pencil out. "Sorry."

"Why do I let you borrow my stuff again?"

Bart gave her that charming grin that always made Carol melt just a little. "Cause you think I'm cute?" he asked.

"You are infuriating," Carol said, swatting him gently. "But yes, cute."

"Are you two done?" The teacher asked. "Mr. Allen, how many times have I told you to be neat when you do your homework?"

"Thirty-seven times," Bart said promptly. "Thirty-eight with that one."

"Well...don't make me do it again." She took his homework.

Carol grinned. "You drive her mad, you know."

"Yeah," Bart said. "Hey, after class wanna get ice cream?"

"Sure," Carol said.

Title: I Love You
Prompt: Write a daydream
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Booster/Beetle
Rating: G
Original Post.

"I love you, Ted," Booster said. "I've never told you because I was afraid that your 20th century taboos would make you hate me, but I couldn't keep it a secret any longer."

"I love you too, Booster. I've just been denying it because I thought there was no way you could ever love me back."

They kissed passionately, fireworks flaring in the background, violins playing, unicorns prancing, it was -

"Booster? Booster buddy?" Ted waved his hand in front of Booster's face. "Earth to Booster?"

"Hey!" Booster said.

"You were totally zoned out there," Ted said. "What were you thinking about?"

"I love you," Booster said -

"Oh, y'know, just - daydreaming."

"Anything interesting?" Ted asked.

They kissed passionately -

Booster leered. "You really wanna know?"

"Somehow, I doubt it."


"I love you," Booster said -

"Oh, just because I don't want to know what goes on in your sick mind," Ted said.

"Heh," Booster grinned. "You never know, you might be surprised."

"Oh, please. You're very predictable," Ted said. "I'll bet I know exactly what you're thinking."

"I love you," Booster said -

"Oh yeah?" Booster said. "I'll bet I can surprise you."

"I'll bet you can't."

"Winner has to buy the loser a drink?"


They shook on it.

"So, what are you thinking?" Ted asked.

"I love you," Booster said, and watched Ted's mouth drop open.
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