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Who is Bernard and Why is He Awesome?

If you've been following my journal, you've probably noticed that I write a lot about Bernard. A lot. Why? It's because he's awesome.

Not only is he awesome, he is very, very gay. See my icon? He's making eyes at Tim in that icon.

And now, for the first time (that I know of), all of his adventures are collected in one handy place!

We first meet Bernard when our buddy Tim is going to a new school. Ugh, I hate this art.

*cough* "Oh, punish me, Bernie! I've been a bad boy!"

Well, actually Tim's reaction is this"

"It looks like I've made my first new friend at the new school. Luckily, I don't share many classes with Bernard. On first impression, he seems the type I'll prefer in small doses."

But I like mine better.

Later that day, Tim's eager to go out Robining.

Enter Darla.

Darla is Bernard's crush. She's hot and entirely unattainable. Perfect cover.

Ouch. He's doing it because he loves you, Bernard.

What better way to spend a date than discussing Bernard?

Oh, this is my favorite scan.

Yes, you did read that right. Bernard wants to know if Timmy's gay. Because if Steph is imaginary, then they can have HOT GAY SEX together.

And that face Bernard makes in the bottom right is seriously bizarre.

This has nothing to do with Bernard, except it shows Tim not wanting to touch his girlfriend. Because he's GAY.

Time to meet the parents!

Oh, please, Bernard. We've all seen your mom. You've got no right to be crushing on Tim's. Plus, you're gay.

Bernard: Master of Everything Batman and Robin. What does that Tim dork know?

Then gang wars happen and Bernard vanishes for a while.

And he returns, decently drawn for once.

And that's it! Bernard Dowd, everybody! Give him a round of applause.

ETA2: I got rid of the fandom directory. Want Tim or Bernard fic or art? Check here for fic and here for art.
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