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That's the banner for everyone. It was made by unrequited_rain!

ETA: We also have one by the_huntresss! Take your pick! Or both!

And we have a winner! seriousfic won by (I think) two fics! Congratulations, seriousfic! Have a banner made by shadowkitten87! The winner bit in the corner was added by unrequited_rain! Congratulations!

And milleniumrex was really freaking close. Plus, this was tied up until the last minute so have a banner too for being second place!

Now, the fics!

In no particular order.

Off Your Pedestal. Kory/Barbara, get it out of your system.
Feels Good. Cass/Steph, foot rub.
All-Star Batman and Robin. Barbara/Diana/Dinah, Batman.
All-Star Batman and Robin. Barbara/Diana/Dinah, blood.
Observing Traditions. Artemis/Diana, ritual.
Apology Accepted. Barbara/Dinah, Oliver Queen.
Tension. Barda/Helena, fury.
Invitation Only. Barbara/Cass/Steph, Batgirl club.
Make Your Own Fun. Barbara/Dinah/Helena, bored.
Together. Diana/Io, scars.
Gratuitious. Barda/Karen, too big.
Strangers in a Strange Land. Barda/Kory, strange new world.
One on One. Barbara/Katarina, rivalry.
Cheat. Barda/Knockout, arm-wrestling.
Lazy Sunday. M'gann/Rose, boredom.
Diana/Harley/Ivy, blackmail.
Cass/Rose, helpless.
Cass/Steph, interesting reading material.
Catfight. Felicia/Selina, a bird in the hand.
The Pearl Anniversary. Barbara/Harley/Ivy/Selina, old school rock.
Command and Control. Barda/Knockout, crazy sexy bar fight.
Distraction and Incentive. Barda/Diana, "my husband thinks you're pretty."
Helena/Zinda, "how come Babs and Dinah get to have all the fun?", sushi.
Therapy. Diana/Selina, more.

Rough Play. Kara/Cass, red sun.
Guises. Cissie/Ystina, the Crying Game.
Fountain of Youth. Raven/Donna, magic gone wrong.
Fixing It. Linda Danvers/Mary Marvel, comfort.
Surprise Girlsex! M'gann/Rose, invisibility.
A Firm Hand. Linda/Kara, discipline.
Someone to Love Me. Cassie/Cissie, estrangement.
Ways to Keep Busy. Cassie/Cissie, powerless.
Being Bad. Sally Sonic/Mary Marvel, corrupted.
Regrets and Recriminations. Diana/Kara, discipline.
Down to Earth. Cassie/Kara, vulnerable.
Useful Skills. Cass/Steph, injury, inadequacy.
Pretty Things go Boom. Charlie/Harley, explosions.
Underappreciated. DCU/Marvel. Cissie/Kate, left behind in a multiversal crisis.
Just Plain Wrong. Charlie/Lori, taboo.
Any Port in a Storm. Cassie/Rose, benched.
Metal Kitties need Extra Love. Marvel/DCU, Cessily/M'gann, shapeshifting.
Venting. Barbara/Kitty, Professor X and Batman are jerks.
Let's Show Them. Lois/Selina, consolation prize.
Breakable. Cassie/Cissie, crutches.
Inevitable Truths. Cass/Rose, dominance.

Misfit and Spoiler. Steph/Charlie, costumes.
Lingerie. Lana/Lois, lingerie.

Kara/Lois, Impressions.
Sequel. Kara/Lois, impressions.

Confusion. Cass/Steph/M'gann. Deception.
Working Fast. Jenni Ognats/Jessi Quick, girl speedsters.
Silent Intrigue. Marvel/DC, Cass/X-23, silence is golden.
The Wishing Martian. Marvel/DC. Cessily/M'gann, shapeshifters, fairy tale.

Extortion. La Dama/Traci 13, under the desk.
Nomophobia. Babs/Helena, unexpected phobia.
Tres Chic. Marve/DC, Wasp/Fire, fashionable.
Distorted Mirror. Diana/Black Horizons Diana, truth.
No Souvenirs, Dinah/Barda, JLI years.
Nesting Cats. Holly/Steph, strays.
Tourist Trap, Farscape/DCU: Aeryn Sun/Steph, tour guide.
Sunbathing. Kara/Kory, sunlight.
Rescue. Steph/Shiva, my daughter's keeper.
Risk Assessment. Barbara/Dinah, the greatest risk.

Crossing Rivers. Cassie/Rose, too far, Golden Lasso.
The Forbidden Martian Book of Forbidden Martian Things. Rose/M'gann, shapeshifting.

Absence Makes the Heart. Lana/Lois, possessive.

A Lit Matchstick. Bea/Tora, alive.
Have You Ever? Charlie/Mary, curious.
Why Pretend? Cass/Steph, attempted phone sex.
Like Me Better. M'gann/Rose, boredom.

Babs/Kory, cheating.
Of All the Girls. Ivy/Cissie/Courtney, stop making out while I explain my villainous plan!

Being Batgirl. Barbara (Batgirl)/Cass, passing the mantle.
I'm Here. Charlie/Mary, curious.

On My Six. Arisia/Zinda, thing for pilots.
Babs, Barda and a Blonde. Barbara/Barda, brains and brawn.
Dinner and Dessert. Helena/Kate, New York, mafia.
The Rumor Mill. DCAU, Batgirl/Supergirl, rumors.
The Shield. Maggie Sawyer/Renee Montoya, investigation.
Sick and Wrong…but HOT! Barbara (Batgirl)/Dinah, illicit use of time travel.
Robinaholics Anonymous. Kory/Steph, addicted to Robins.
Reach Out And…Cass/Steph, attempted phone sex.
Let's See Your iPhone do THIS. Barbara/Dinah, spy gadget phones.

Better with Chocolate. Cass/Steph, chocolate.
Seasonal Depression. Harley/Ivy, cheer up, winter.

Unexpected. Karen/Selina, Ted's a jerk.
No Substitute. Cass/Kara, flying.
Dangerous Liasons. Lois/Selina, if they only knew.
New Friends. DCU/Marvel, Jubilee/Steph, wrong one.

Shape of My Love. M'gann/Rose, shapeshifting.
Daybreak. Iris/Mar'i, sunrise.
First Day's the Roughest. Lian/Milagro, new team.
Sky High. Kara/Mary Marvel, exhibitionism.

Victory in Defeat. Cass/Helena, win.
Feeding the Flames. Helena/Cass, fire.

The First to Give. Marvel/DCU, Amanda Waller/Maria Hill, coup.

Theories. Helena/Renee, new face.

Done by someone anonymous!

Cassandra, Barbara: 16

Stephanie: 14

Kara: 10

Rose, Diana: 9

M'gann, Helena, Diana, Barda: 8

Cassie, Lois, Selina: 6

Charlie, Cissie, Kory, Mary Marvel: 5

Ivy: 4

Harley, Io: 3

The rest: 2 or less

Cass/Steph: 6

M'gann/Rose, Babs/Dinah: 5

Cassie/Cissie: 3

Cass/Kara, Kara/Lois, Cassie/Rose, Lana/Lois, Lois/Selina, Cass/Rose, Cass/Helena, Barbara/Diana/Dinah, Barda/Knockout, Charlie/Mary: 2

Any other pairing: 1

What's that you say? You want more? But without the competition? At some point when I've had a chance to recover, I'll post the unused prompts in a new post. This one won't have a deadline, and I'll only barely moderate. It'll just be for fun. Because I can't handle the stress of a round two, but I loved all the fics we got! Great job everybody!
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